Our Vision

At the 4Cs Multi Academy Trust we must ignite the student’s imagination and their active, willing and enthusiastic engagement in their learning. 

Our vision is to: ensure that every student succeeds; build on what learners already know; make learning vivid and real; make learning an enjoyable experience; and enrich the learning experience that we offer. 

The Trust’s approach should enable students to encounter and begin to explore the wealth of human experience through induction into, and active engagement in, the different ways through which humans make sense of their world: through knowledge, intellectual, moral, spiritual, aesthetic, social, emotional and physical experiences. As well as through language, mathematics, science, the humanities, the arts, religion and other ways of knowing and understanding and act upon it.  

‘Creative Thinking’ is at the heart of the Trust’s approach to learning. We aspire for the students to explore, negotiate, discover and experiment. We want them to speculate, empathise, reflect, collaborate, cooperate and persevere. Students need to show initiative, and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, flexibility, integrity and imagination.

The Trust wishes to encourage curiosity, courage and constancy.

To facilitate this aspiration, the most important gift we can provide is that of confidence.