Scheme of Delgation

General Principles •

The Board and Local Governing Committees will work collaboratively and in partnership at all times.

•The Board will make decisions, following consultation with Local Governing Committees, on matters which affect all academies in the trust: Local Governing Committees, will make decisions on matters which affect individual academies.
• Local Governing Committees and Principals of academies in the trust should be autonomous under the delegation by the CEO/Executive Leadership.  

• Local Governing Committees will have maximum delegation of responsibility and decision making of the strategic direction and day-to-day operation of their academies unless it is deemed necessary for action from the CEO or Executive Leadership.

 • The Board will put in place effective arrangements for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Local Governing Committees and academies.

  • The Board will take action, including the full or partial withdrawal of delegated authorities to individuals, groups and Local Governing Committees should the individual, group or local Governing Committees, fail to carry out their duties and responsibilities effectively.

• The Governance arrangements of schools/academies joining the trust will remain, in parts, unchanged except where changes are required in order to comply with legal or statutory requirements or to ensure operational effectiveness.

  • The board will fully consult Local Governing Committees on proposals for the composition, membership, structure and terms of reference for Local Governing Committees and sub committees, on arrangements for the recruitment and appointment of Governors, and on arrangements for the introduction of the trust’s multi academy governance arrangements before any decisions are made.

  • The Board will fully consult Local Governing Committees before putting in place any arrangements which directly affect Local Governing Committees and individual academies and before taking any decisions on policy or procedural matters. • Local Governing Committees will report regularly and frequently to the Board and will make available all relevant data and information on performance.