Please see below our Trust policies.

  1. Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and Other Staff and Volunteers MAT
  2. Appraisal and Capability Policy MAT
  3. Bullying and Harassment MAT Policy and Procedure (Staff)
  4. Child Protection Policy MAT
  5. Code of Conduct for All Adults MAT
  6. Complaints Policy MAT
  7. Disciplinary relating to Misconduct - All Staff MAT
  8. Disciplinary Rules for all employees MAT
  9. Discretion Policy - Pension Scheme MAT
  10. Early Years Foundation Stage Policy MAT
  11. Equality and Diversity – Policy MAT (Equal ops)
  12. Equality Duty Statement MAT
  13. Four Cs MAT Public Sector Equality Duty - Sept 2019
  14. First Aid Policy MAT
  15. Flexible Working Policy MAT
  16. Freedom of Information Policy MAT
  17. GDPR Policy MAT
  18. GDPR Privacy Notice Learners
  19. GDPR Privacy Notice Staff
  20. Gender Pay Gap Report
  21. Gifts and Hospitality Policy MAT
  22. Grievance Procedure MAT
  23. Health and Safety Policy and Procedures MAT
  24. ICT Staff Policies MAT
  25. ICT Student Policies MAT
  26. Lettings MAT
  27. Manual Handling Policy MAT
  28. Maternity and Paternity Leave Policy MAT
  29. Medical Conditions Policy MAT
  30. Pay Policy MAT 2019
  31. PE and Performing Arts Provision Policy MAT
  32. Probation Procedure for all Employees MAT
  33. Rarely Cover Policy MAT
  34. Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy MAT
  35. Recruitment Selection Policy and Procedure MAT
  36. Redundancy Policy MAT
  37. Reference Writing Policy MAT
  38. Relationships and Sex Policy Secondary MAT
  39. Remote Lone Worker Policy MAT
  40. Safeguarding
  41. Security Policy MAT
  42. Shared Parental Leave Policy – Adoption MAT
  43. Shared Parental Leave Policy – Birth MAT
  44. Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure MAT
  45. Single Central Record MAT
  46. Staff Development Policy MAT
  47. Trade Union – Recognition and Procedural
  48. Travel and Staff Expenses MAT
  49. Trips and Visits Policy Secondary MAT
  50. Trustees and Governors’ Allowances Policy MAT
  51. Trustees and Governors’ Code of Conduct MAT
  52. Whistleblowing Policy MAT